Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ricky Ricardo's New Gig

Ricky just returned home after his first gig as a male escort!  How awesome.

A lady down the street from me had had her fence removed earlier in the day- and her husband was out of town.  She mentioned that she knew she'd be a little nervous over night without a man in the house, so I volunteered Ricky for the job.

I knew he'd love to sleep in her bed and snuggle, and if any bad guys even considered trying to sneak around in her fence-less backyard, he'd have something to say about it.
Ricky on the job... in another woman's bed. 
I was told he did a great job.  I'm so proud of him.

The funny thing was, Lucy seemed completely unfazed this morning (and for that matter, last night!) when Ricky was still at his lady friend's house.  I figured she'd be looking for her constant companion wondering why he wasn't there.  But nope!  She seemed very happy to be the only 4 legged friend around!

 It's possible Ricky might get another job tonight... We'll see how far along her fence gets today.  Ricky's a lady's man- He'll be up for the task if called I am sure. My little gigolo...

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

California Dreamin'- Summer Vaca!

Me and Fermin on our trip to Carmel, California
Fermin and I spent the last week in Monterey and Carmel, California.  Such a great trip.  And such a nice break from the summer heat here in Dallas.  While it was in the 100s here, it was in the 60s there. Ahhhh...

I hadn't been to that area of California since I was about 10 years old, and Fermin had never been.  It was just beautiful! All of it!  I think my favorite was the 17-mile drive.  We kept calling it "17-mile ride in a jiffy, because we felt so rushed.  We needed a day there, and we only had an hour before we had to catch our flight home. Hopefully, someday we can go back and Fermin can play a round of golf at Pebble Beach, where this will be his view from the course!
17-mile drive/Pebble Beach
Beaches, for me, are especially nice when you have to wear a scarf and leggings!  This is the beach in Carmel that was just a short walk from where we stayed.
Carmel Beach

We also made it to Capitola one day for lunch, and walking around.
Another beach, where a scarf was required.
Loved these tiles along the wall of the beach!
Of course, I found my way to a bead store one day.  And it was a great one!  They had lots of vintage beads-  and a shop cat named Marshmallow.
Marshmallow, the cross-eyed cat, was a great host at Paradise Beads.
One other spot we made it to was Big Sur.  So picturesque, my iPhone really didn't do it justice.
Fermin and Me- Big Sur
We'll be back, California!  So much fun we just didn't have time to get to all we wanted to do and see...Including the Hearst Castle.  Or the Aquarium. Not to mention, 17-mile drive NOT in a jiffy, but at a long, leisurely pace. Next time...

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

50 Songs in 90 Days- Progress!

As I mentioned at the beginning of last month (and oh! how the month flew by!), I am participating in the "50 Songs in 90 Days" songwriting challenge that runs July 4- October 1.
the necessary tools for songwriting (for me, anyway!)
Today I wrote song #21-  So LET'S GO TO VEGAS!  No, but really, I DO feel like celebrating.

It's funny how this random, online challenge lights a fire under my booty.  I've written 21 songs in 31 days that did not exist in the world before.  I think that is pretty cool.

What I've learned, and relearned, each time I've participated in this challenge, is that as impossible as it seems, I really can churn out a large amount of songs in a short period of time by simply planting myself in my room, putting a guitar in my hands and just screwing around.  It's really fun, and not painful at all.  In fact, whatever the opposite of painful is, that's what it is! 
part of what most days look like for me

I think perhaps it's so un-painful, when I do it in this fast and furious way, because there's really no pressure to write a good song.  I know, with absolute certainty, that I'm not going to write 50 good songs in 90 short days.  But I have started to believe that with every bad song I write, I'm that much closer to the next good one that's worth keeping!

21 songs down, and only 29 more to go.  And 57 more days to get there...

Monday, August 4, 2014

Music Monday- "Bang Bang" Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, and Ariana Grande

What in the world is happening to me?  Lately, for my Music Monday selections, I have been picking such mainstream pop songs, which is so not my normal thang, but something has come over with me.  I guess it being summertime,  I just feel like dancing around in my bikini!

This is the song of the week(end) for me!  Bang Bang!  Sure to be a huge hit, and overplayed until we all can't stand it anymore.  But for now... I love it!

Friday, July 25, 2014

How Can You Hate, or Even Not Like, Jimmy Fallon?

Earlier today, my friend posted a video clip of Jimmy Fallon being funny and cute and happy with one of his guests on The Tonight Show.  So, this clip could have been taken from any night of the week.  Anyway, with the video, my friend introduced it by saying, "Hate him if you will but he's got a creative mind and I love him."

"Hate him if you will"?  What?  No.

If someone just isn't familiar with Jimmy, fine.

But how could anyone who's watched him on his previous show, or The Tonight Show feel this way?

Wait!...  I think I know!

They must be a miserable, mean person.

Really.  Because Jimmy Fallon is all about being happy, doing fun things with people, laughing, spreading joy, and just loving life.

If someone I knew were to say, "Ewww.  That Jimmy Fallon.  I hate that guy", then I would realize that person is just not my kind of person at all.  And it's not even that I'm a super fan or anything.  It just seems like the equivalent of someone who hates puppies or babies.

Haters, find someone else to hate!  Like perhaps someone who does bad things.  But Jimmy Fallon? C'mon.